Who We Are

MAAP and Baltic Art Form, BAF, this year are joining forces with Maidstone Borough Council, local art institutions, schools, music and dance groups to present a new event merging cutting edge artists to develop artistic awareness. This creative project designed both to celebrate and develop Maidstone’s cultural community is made possible by The Big Lottery Fund, Alan Firmin and Maidstone Borough Council.

Led by Chairman Ken Scott, MAAP, Maidstone Area Arts Partnership, seeks to represent and champion the needs of Maidstone’s art community and respond to wider community needs.  Their vision is that Maidstone communities can flourish though arts participation, and individuals can lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

The Baltic Art Form, led by Artistic Director and Choreographer, Kirill Burlov is an international cross-cultural annual art festival that aims to help artists from different disciplines and cultures to collaborate and create new art forms and new opportunities to grow, learn and play.